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Cute Car Eyelashes Headlight Dress-up Auto Accessories Sticker 1 Pair

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Cute Car Eyelashes Headlight Dress-up Auto Accessories Sticker 1 Pair#938764


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Cute Car Eyelashes Headlight Dress-up Auto Accessories Sticker 1 Pair Product Description:
Car eyelashes are 12" long and made from bendable material that can be bended around headlights. They can be attached easily with automotive trim tape. They will not damage your car paint. Car eyelashes give any vehicle a personalized feminine touch. They fit on the headlights of most vehicles. Each packages include 1 pair of car eyelashes. Instruction Positioning First,choose a place to put on the car eyelashes. Usually it is placed along the top edge of the headlight glass. It can be placed slightly on the sideway to give a personalized cute look. It can be applied to many car models. Be an artist and design your own look. You may need to open the hood for an easy access and accurate placement. Another position choice is to put the eyelashes on the inside edge of car hood if the headlight glass surface is not very even and difficult to put on. You may need to mark the position more carefully so the eyelashes will be on top of the headlight when you close the hood. Cleaning Clean the chosen area thoroughly and completely for stronger and long last bonding. Remove all the dust and dirt. Let it dry. Warm it up Please use hair blow-dryer to warm up the bonding tape. It is helpful for stronger bonding especially during the winter season. Place the car eyelashes immediately after the warm up. Application Peel off a small section of the red plastic film from the sticky tape. Carefully place the sticky side onto the chosen car surface and slowly and firmly apply the whole eyelashes onto the surface. Firmly and slowly press down the sticky tape and please allow a few hours for bonding. Sculpture Design Try to curl them evenly for a beautiful look. Bend the car eyelashes one by one near the root using your fingers. You can also use a pen to curl up the tip to make it curly. This is the most fun part of this DIY project and will take a little bit time to make them perfect. If you have a large SUV and need longer eyelashes, you can buy an extra pair of eyelashes and extend them. Warning The 3M tape on the car eyelashes provides strong binding. Don??t wash the car with 24 hours to allow bonding. Long time exposure to strong sunshine will shorten the life span of the product. Please park your car in a shade during summer. The lifespan of the car eyelashes may be affected by outdoor temperature, wind speed and driving speed.

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