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Car Driver Sound Style Anti Sleep Driving Alarm Alert

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Car Driver Sound Style Anti Sleep Driving Alarm Alert#916547


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Did you know that driving while sleep deprived, especially late at night and at dawn, increases the risk of having a microsleep and losing control of your vehicle? If you fall into a microsleep and nod off at 100 km/h, you'll travel 100 metres in just four seconds, unconscious.

Nap during driving is extremely dangerous, this little gadget just prevent you to fall sleep. It beep when you your head nods ahead, which awakes you up. It can also be used for students, night shift workers, to keep them away from falling sleep. Besides, with its sound style, it awakes you up without anyone else knowing that you re about to nap.

Light weight and pocket size, you can take it with you anywhere. Simply wear it on your ear just as your bluetooth earphone, then turn it on, you ll stay clear-minded with it.


Net weight: about 12.5g
Color: Black
Sound style (Beep Sound)


Package Content:

1 X Car Driver Sound Style Anti Sleep Driving Alarm Alert

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