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4 Pack Full UV Protection Car Sun Shades 50*30cm

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4 Pack Full UV Protection Car Sun Shades 50*30cm#943741-STY01

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Car Sun Shade structured for sun protection. This Mesh is also colored black using more dye during manufacturing so they absorb more UV radiation and provide better UV protection. UV absorbers and UV blockers added during the manufacturing process also increase the sun protection quality of the mesh. A thick film is stitched to the fabric neatly over a light weight wire frame to create the Static Effect which allows the shade to just “cling” to your car window without any suction cups or adhesives. Kinder Fluff shades are made with a thicker film than others that acts as UV and Sun block as well giving more shade and heat protection.
Car window shades Install and fold in seconds without any suction cups or adhesives.
It is perfect for areas in which sun protection is more important than visibility such as back seat windows protecting sleeping infant or kids from direct Sun and heat or the windshield and back windows to protect your dashboard, steering wheel, car interior, upholstery from UV damage
It is perfect for driver's side windows as it offers great sun and UV protection while allowing visibility. Also great for Pets,children in car seat and children bothered by the sun glare in the back seat keeping them calm while traveling.

Static-Protective Film offers better static and darker shade.
Protective Mesh offers better sun protection and UV block
fits most cars offering protection against heat, sun, glare and UV rays
Easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the window
Colour: Black
Material: PVC

How to use:
1. Wipe the window with a damp cloth
2. Place the Car Window Shade with the static side on the window
3. Apply pressure throughout the sun shade until it is firmly pressed to the window
1. Dust is the main factor for the loss of static effect. In such case, simply rinse the shades with cold water, wipe the window clean and it should be as good as new!
2. It is normal to see wrinkles on the shades when you first receive them. This is the nature of the film and happens during storage. But it should open up after a couple of days.
3. SAFETY FIRST. It is important that you place the shades on the car window and check your level of comfort and visibility before driving.
4. Never leave pets or children inside parked vehicles as rising temperatures can quickly prove deadly to those inside.

Package Content: 4 X Car Sun Shades

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